Sunday, May 11, 2008

Gay Cosmetics Line?

Do you think a make-up line specifically geared for gay men would do good business? JP.

First of all, I can't imagine many of the gay guys I know, many of whom are bears, would be interested in wearing make-up. Drag queens might buy make up, but the average gay guy is simply a guy, and like most guys, has no interest in wearing make-up. Also, we've got to get past this whole straight/gay business when it comes to men and what they like and dislike. I've already mentioned that there are straight guys who are neat, fastidious and clothes-conscious, and gay men who are slobs and couldn't care less about fashion. Some men -- gay and straight -- dye their hair as they get older; others -- again, gay and straight -- wouldn't think of it. I'm sure there are men who might wear bronzer to give themselves a tanned appearance, or some kind of cosmetic cover up to put over a blemish, but I think it has less to do with their orientation as to how much they care about their appearance. It's ridiculous to suggest that all gay men, or only gay men, care about how they look.

Not saying some cosmetics, depending on what they are, specifically geared to gay men might not sell, but if you're talking about lipstick or eye shadow I can't imagine it being a very large market, as only transvestites would have any interest in such products.


Ry said...

Call me ignorant (I am. Very. I don't care enough about monosexuals to pay much attention)- but I still don't get the stereotype that gay men are effeminate and gay women are masculine. I know some are, but it just seems weird. If I were trying to attract someone who likes men- I'd try to be more masculine. You don't see straight guys acting all effeminate to get a girl.

It's a good point, though. Most men wouldn't want make-up unless it was for theatre or cross dressing or something. I know I wouldn't. Too much of a hassle.

Bill Samuels said...

Thanks for your comment. Yes, some gay people do conform to the stereotype of having outward characteristics of the opposite gender. Some of them deliberately play up this aspect of themselves, although they are in the minority, possibly because they find it amusing to do so or because it's one way for them to fully come out of the closet. It can also be seen as a way of, sort of, thumbing one's nose at convention. Otherwise, even I don't know for certain why some gay people conform to certain stereotypes and others don't. It's just part of the diversity of the gay community.