Sunday, June 19, 2011

Back on Schedule

My apologies to my readers and to people who have sent me questions. I have gotten back-logged due to dealing with some personal issues, including my being a caregiver for an elderly friend who has numerous issues of his own. I will be back on schedule very shortly, and will answer all questions in the order in which they were received. Hopefully the wait will not be too long.

Best, Dr. Bill

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Gay Sister Needs Help and Support

The following is a story from a gay man about

his dearest friend,

Angela, a lesbian, who was assaulted a

while ago and has

serious health issues. To paraphrase,

she got into a

confrontation with a man while

walking her dogs, and woke up

in a pool of blood. She did absolutely

nothing to deserve this attack.

In addition to

having been diagnosed with a

brain tumor [unrelated to the

assault], she now has numerous

injuries to her teeth, sinuses,

and body. Dr. Bill

"This is a call to action. As Angela's family
is deceased, her friends are uniting to help
heal her
injuries from both her brain tumor and
recent assault.
This financial burden that has been thrust
upon her
makes me desperate for an opportunity to help.
only thing that I can think of is the most
vulgar and
desperate call for funds and publicity.
So, I look to
you for help. I’ve setup accounts with and We have a very
organized friend
applying to the New York State's
Victim's Assistance
Fund and possibly setting up a 501-3c
so that
larger contributors can be confident
of their donation. It’s a long road
she’s got ahead of her. We’ll find
the funding and the right doctor’s.
In the meantime, you can follow Angela's
at her site:

If you want to let others know about

Angela, I made a short

film about

my experiences with her:

If you can't view Youtube from

your location, try the post

I made to Vimeo:

Just pass it on. That’s all I can ask. Thanks."

Richard Massey

For more on this story, please contact Dr. Bill.

Members of the LGBT community in New York City

who need medical care should

know about the Callen-Lorde Community Center

which offers care to our community with payment on

a sliding scale, based on ability to pay. Dr. Bill