Friday, March 27, 2009

Outdated Obsession with "Straight" Men

Lately I've been seeing a trend that I, at least, find kind of disturbing. All these ads in gay magazines to "come see hot naked straight guys" at this or that web site; there's even a porn mag devoted to supposedly straight guys geared to gay men. Isn't this alleged obsession with straight guys kind of out-of-date? Out and Proud Joe.

To those of us who are Out and Proud, Joe, yes it certainly is out of date. Certainly a gay man can find any kind of man attractive, but an obsession with [supposedly] straight guys is decidedly pre-Stonewall. It harks back to those days when people referred to some gay men as being "straight-acting." We now know -- or certainly should know -- that the gay male community is very diverse; you can find any type or kind of man you want, from femme to butch and everything in between. There is no need to pursue straight guys. Jerking off over a hot model regardless of whatever his sexual orientation might be is one thing, but if a gay man finds it more exciting that the guy might be straight, well let's say I think he has issues.

Although they are definitely in the minority, even today there are self-hating homos who think of straight men as being the ultimate treat. Some will pretend that it's merely a test of their seductive powers, but in reality they are so wracked with internalized homophobia that they hate the idea of being with a gay man, whom they see -- like themselves -- as being inferior. A real man, to them, is a straight man. No well-adjusted gay man has this attitude, of course.

Then there's the fact that if a straight man "succumbs" and has sex with another man, he's not really or totally straight, a little catch-22 that seems to fly over the heads of these straight-obsessed gentlemen. And, yes, that's true even if they're getting paid for it. Some self-hating homos only have sex for money (as hustlers or porn actors) so they can convince themselves that they're not really gay, they're only doing it for cash. Surrrreee.

And don't get me started on this moronic notion that some men who actively seek out other men for sex (outside of prison) are actually heterosexual.

Lastly, I recall an ad for one of these gay-oriented "straight guy" web sites which shows a guy riding off on a motorcycle with another guy as he leaves "the bitch" -- his girlfriend -- behind in the dust. This plays into another out-dated and especially unfair and pernicious notion that gay men are all ultimately misogynous.

Many of these sites, ads and magazines are not put together by gay people. And if they are, they are not what I'd call Out and Proud or at least up to date gay people with modern-day attitudes about gay men. They trade on stereotypes. For money.

I would suggest if one likes to go to sexy web sites, watch porn films, and the like, that you frequent those sites and purchase those films that feature openly, happily gay men.

And leave the "straight" or closeted ones to the self-hating homos.

As you can see, I have no opinion on this issue, LOL.


Anonymous said...

Hey Doc Bill --

I even see a new kind of porn in the stores now called "Straight Porn for Gay Guys." It consists of buff, young guys having sex with women, presumably with the camera emphasis on the guys instead of the gals. What's your reaction to that?


Bill Samuels said...

Straight porn for gay guys sounds like an oxymoron. I think most gay men would rather look at two hot guys getting it on than a "straight" guy getting it on with a woman. Maybe the real market for this is bisexual men, but I imagine even a bi guy would rather see two guys in the sack if he's in a homoerotic mood. Maybe the producers of these films want us to believe that they hire better-looking actors than you'd supposedly find in regular straight porn, but if they're suggesting that their "straight" actors are somehow more attractive and masculine than gay porn stars -- well, you can imagine what I think of that homophobic notion! I'm not much into porn but it seems to me there are plenty of hot gay guys performing in all-gay erotica, so who needs the straight stuff?

Thanks for your comment, Bill