Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Is Online Dating Safe?

I'm tired of the bar scene and waiting for the right fellow to come along but I admit I'm a little nervous with the idea of meeting someone online. You hear stories. And there are wacky people out there. Still, maybe I could find what I'm looking for without sitting around a bar all night. What do you think? JJ.

The online dating scene is safe enough if you take some simple precautions. Always remember that people are not always honest about themselves, their situations, and what they look like. Never just go to a person's home -- or invite them to your home -- to have sex when all you've seen is a photograph or two that may not even accurately represent them. Do not invite total strangers into your home no matter what and it's not even a good idea to go to their place, especially if they live somewhere remote. Exchange photographs (why would you want to hook up with someone when you've never even seen a photograph, or just a snapshot of a body part?) and then arrange to meet somewhere public for coffee or drinks. This way you'll be able to see if the chemistry is right (you can't always tell from a photograph, even if it's up-to-date) and the person seems sane. You can talk about your respective sexual histories and the like. If you go to his neighborhood, see if other people in the bar seem to know him and think he's cool. If he comes to your neighborhood, introduce him to your friends and the bartender so that he'll know that they'll remember what he looks like if something bad happens. This is especially important if you eventually decide to go off with him or take him home. And always stick to safe sex!

There are some creeps online but there are also some nice guys. Just exercise caution and good judgment and you'll probably be fine. And maybe meet the man of your dreams, who knows?

Good Luck!

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