Sunday, January 13, 2008

Getting Older

Is there any "gay life" for older gay men? MR.

There sure is, if you know where to find it. Getting older in an ageist society is no picnic whether you're gay or straight, but there are lots of ways to make connections with other mature men who share your chronology and interests. There are gay bars that cater strictly or primarily to older gay men, and if bars aren't your thing -- or you live in a small town without any gay bars -- there's always the Internet. Some older people say "pish tosh!" when you talk of computers, but you can get one for a reasonable price, you don't have to be a rocket scientist, and the Internet is a great way for isolated gays (of all ages) to stay in touch with one another. Of course, since you're reading this, you're already on the Internet, so I would suggest such gay dating/friendship/sex sites as and if you're a bear or like bears Even if you just want a pen pal these sites can be very helpful, and yes, some guys have even made long-lasting romantic connections. Perhaps the nearest big city in your area has a gay or GLBT center that may have social groups for older guys. Whether it's dates, sex, friendship or a relationship that you're looking for you can make connections at these and other sites. Don't be bashful -- you don't have to be alone!


Pewit said...

According to the media, especially the gay media, "no-one likes a fairy when he's 40". However, get online and it's an entirely different world. has been reviewing over 2500 places worldwide that welcome mature gay men and their admirers at since 1996.

It also reviews and rates all the dating sites for mature gay men and admirers, with recommendations for different ages at

If you're new to online dating, there's a guide to doing it safely and successfully at lists events, cruises and local social groups for older gay men.

And if you want to stay "Out" when you can no longer go out. There's a list of gay retirement communities and support services at

Hope this helps

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Bill Samuels said...

Many thanks for reminding me of, an excellent resource.

There are off-line communities that are welcoming to older gay men -- the bear community and certain bars and social groups -- but to more isolated gays -- and even those in big cities -- the Internet and sites like yours are a godsend.

"Dr. Bill"