Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Abusive Neighbors?

My lover and I live next door to a younger gay couple who had a really bad fight the other night. I mean, they were literally knocking each other against the walls. One of them ordered the other out, said they were done, and screeched at him to leave. Apparently the other guy talked him out of it and they were quiet the rest of the night. It's bad enough if they're punching each other out, but I worry that one might be abusing the other. What, if anything, can I do about it? W.

"Quiet the rest of the night," huh? Let's hope they were having really great make-up sex! I get the feeling that you don't know these guys that well or you probably would have talked to them about it already. Even if one is abusing the other -- and sometimes it takes two to have a good knock-down drag-out fight -- he might resent it if you try and talk to him about it. I mean, does this happen on a regular basis? It is indeed troubling that they were getting so physical -- I mean, a fight should never get beyond shouting -- but hopefully it was a one-time thing. If it happens again and is very violent, don't waste time -- call the police. It might save somebody's life. If a moment arises when you feel you can broach the subject with the possibly abused partner, then do so, offering your support. Otherwise, let's hope the punching is over and they'll make love and not war from now on.

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