Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Straight Guys in Dresses

Is it possible for a man to want to wear make up and women's clothes and be heterosexual? GG.

Most gay men have no interest whatsoever in dressing up like women. Men who like to dress up like women are transvestites, and yes they often are heterosexual. Apparently the fetishistic impulse that makes them want to wear women's clothing does not necessarily include the desire to make love to other men. Some transvestites simply love the feel of women's clothing, especially undergarments; it gives them a (hetero) sexual thrill which is often increased if they wear the garments themselves.

Men who are both homosexuals and transvestites are generally called "drag queens." Some heterosexual men -- or at least people who are perceived as being heterosexual men -- dress up as women because they come to realize that they are transsexual, a woman born into the body of a man (or vice versa). Once they accept the truth of their gender, they can begin the process of transitioning into becoming female -- a sex change operation and all that goes with it.

Now it gets confusing. If they continue to be attracted to women they become lesbians, but it can be argued that they were always lesbians even when trapped in a man's body. Sometimes, after transitioning, they realize that they are attracted to men. Many transsexuals, in a sense switching from one gender to another, see themselves as being essentially bisexual (in every sense of the word).

Although people have been getting sex-change operations for many years now, it has become more commonplace and there will undoubtedly be more information about transsexualism in the years to come.

But to clarify, some men like to wear women's clothing without being either gay or transsexual.


CupidsReviews heidi said...

Interesting. I never knew this. Seems the few drag queens I do hang out with are gay, so I was unaware. Things that make me go hmmmm. That's why I read this great blog.

Bill Samuels said...

Thanks for your comment and your compliments. They are much appreciated!