Thursday, July 10, 2008

Gay Actors

Why are most actors gay? Just asking? Anon.

Where are you getting your information from? Has somebody taken a poll? The acting field may or may not attract a higher percentage of gays but if it does it's probably because the perception is that the acting world is more open-minded in regards to the gay lifestyle than, say, the world of high finance.

Some people think most actors (or writers, singers, and especially dancers) are gay because of the perception that most gays are artistic. This is just another stereotype, as there are plenty of gays who are not only lacking in any artistic ability, but who have no great interest in the arts. It's a highly individual matter. There is also the somewhat homophobic notion that the arts attract people who are sexually ambiguous, immoral, and downright weird -- an out-dated, puritanical notion if ever there were one.

Of course there are gay actors, singers, dancers and so on, but there are also many heterosexuals in each field, including ballet. Many heterosexual people now feel more comfortable entering fields that were once considered -- rightly or wrongly -- dominated by homosexuals.

Which probably means that nowadays the vast majority of actors are straight -- and this may have always been the case.


CupidsReviews Heidi said...

What about figure skaters? Haha! If we're going to get into gay stereotypes, there is one. Or female golfers?! Oddly, ALL of the actors I know are straight as are 9/10 of the musicians and dancers I know. Having worked in the entertainment biz for 5 years, with hundreds of artists, it is pretty clear to me that all of these stereotypes are extremely false.

Greg Halpen said...

I agree with Dr. Bill here. Remember Baryshnikov? He is straight and one of the most amazing ballet dancers of our time.

The Gay Guy's Love Coach

Bill Samuels said...

Yes, people just find it easier to think in terms of stereotypes, I suppose. (Not that there aren't any gay figure skaters, LOL!}