Sunday, January 29, 2012

Enough with Asexuality!

I received a lot of responses to a long-ago post on asexuality. Many were rational and reasonable, but many others were apoplectic, moronic and ridiculous, even homophobic. Recently I got this nasty email from someone who clearly has issues of all different kinds:

"Being asexual is NOT a disability it is a valid orientation. no we aren't sick or lying; no not all of us are young. there are some in their 70's who never had sex & are leading perfectly happy lives." [Sheesh, if this gal had bothered to read all the comments on my [rather old] post on asexuality she would have seen that I bear no one who identifies as asexual ill will, even if I do not necessarily see asexuals as a persecuted minority a la blacks or gays.] -- Dr. Bill
"sex isn't everything. LOVE is." Love is great. So is sex.
"also jesus christ himself was asexual. never had sex or kids." As for Jesus, he was also a Jew. Can you deal with that, or are you anti-Semitic as well as homophobic?
"same goes for enoch a human male." I think she's trying to say eunuch.This is a castrated male, not one who is [born] asexual.
"guess where both are right now? uh heaven alive well virgin." I think she means alive and well and still virgins.
"if anything..being gay is a disease....see how do you like that? get your facts right before putting down someone else!" Oh, yeah, like you have your facts right?

I'm tempted to just say" Oh, fuck you -- you  homophobic sexless bitch! I believe some people may be genuinely born asexual -- which is not an "orientation" -- but you are just a fucked-up, hung-up, frigid self-hating suppressed lesbian in denial."

But instead I'll just say: It's okay to be gay! 

In the meantime, I am immediately deleting any emails I get on this subject without reading them. I am a sexual being and I'm simply disinterested in the whole subject of asexuality. So don't bother sending me angry emails, they will simply be ignored. [And it goes without saying that I'm deleting/blocking any further emails from this particular correspondent and her friends, as well as giving their emails to my cop friend.] 

One last thing, which I just read on a website devoted to asexuality: "Asexuality as a subject is hard. It's even hard for us, so you can imagine how hard it is for someone who writes dozens of hour-long teleplays in a year. And the one thing that makes it so hard is the simple fact that it is a scientific fact that conditions that are similar to Asexuality can be caused by a myriad of medical or psychological problems. To deny it would be a great disservice to everyone." 

Well, there you have it. At least one asexual person is willing to admit that not everyone who thinks they're asexual is actually asexual [Now if we can only get bisexuals to do the same!]

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