Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gay Movie Stars?

Can you tell me if any of the following men are gay: Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Stiller, Russell Crowe, Jerry Lewis. Anon.

Uh .... since I've never actually had sex with any of these gentlemen or know of any man who has, I can't really say much about their sexual orientation. Russell Crowe played a gay man in the very interesting and moving film The Sum of Us, before he became well-known, but that doesn't automatically make him gay. [The Advocate charged that when he played real-life John Nash in A Beautiful Mind, Nash's attraction to men was ignored.] Leonardo DiCaprio also played a gay role in Total Eclipse. He also starred as Howard Hughes in The Aviator, which presented the possibly gay or bi tycoon as heterosexual. Jerry Lewis may have appeared to be in love with his partner Dean Martin, but that was probably more of what people today call a "man-crush:" a straight guy who platonically loves another man who is sort of a brother or father figure. As for Stiller, who knows?

Anyway, why don't you try gay celebrity-watcher Perez Hilton?

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