Monday, June 9, 2008

Anal Bleaching?

I was perusing a gay magazine the other day and saw an ad for something called "anal bleaching." It was some sort of cosmetic procedure, I believe. I asked quite a few of my gay friends and no one has ever heard of this. Dr. Bill, do you know what "anal bleaching" is and why would a gay man, or anyone else, want it? PT.

I'm tempted to say that anal bleaching is a new way for people to throw away their money and for people with too much time on their hands to waste it. But here's the skinny. Apparently as some people, especially lighter-skinned people, get older, the skin around the anus becomes darker or discolored and supposedly unsightly. Now I can understand some people not wanting to have discolored teeth, but a discolored anus is something else again. I presume that the most likely candidates for this procedure are porn stars, but like teeth whitening, botox and everything else that becomes trendy, soon anal bleaching will be all the rage for, as I say, gay and straight people, male and female, who have way too much time and money and don't want to miss out on the latest "thing."

The bleach that is used to lighten the skin around the anus is banned in France and other countries because it is considered toxic. There are supposed to be innumerable unhealthy side effects to this procedure as well.

My advice? Leave your anus alone -- unless, of course, someone wants to "touch it up" in the bedroom.


Anonymous said...

Lol, I saw it on tv the other day... a female porn star was getting an anal bleaching... :S

I think it's ok for porn stars... I don't think I would get one, but I don't judge the ones who would. On the other hand, if it's toxic, it should be banned NOW! :S

Bill Samuels said...

I believe they're looking into another kind of bleach or dye that's not as toxic. I think anyone who wants this precedure should at least ask them exatly what they're going to be rubbing on their ass.

Thanks for your comment. I won't be getting an anal bleaching any time soon, either!

CupidsReviews Heidi said...

Wow Doc! That sounds pretty unpleasant in sooooooo many ways......I don't know where to begin. So maybe I just won't! But to each their own eh?!

Bill Samuels said...

Yep. The one good thing you can say about anal bleaching is at least it's an interesting way to start a conversation! Or maybe not.

Thanks for your comment.