Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Gay Teen with Questions

I am a gay teen, a virgin. I have no idea about real gay sex; I only read them in stories.

Here are my questions:

1. When having anal sex, doesn't the top feel disgusted when they insert their fingers/cocks into the ass? Don't they will smell like shit or something like that? And when pull it out, doesn't shit will cover it? No, they aren't disgusted, especially if the bottom has showered beforehand and is clean. Sometimes the penis will become covered with some feces, but then they two men can simply shower together.

2. When bottoming, is the pleasure gotten from prostate stimulation same as when we are cumming when jerking off? Some of the pleasure. Is it worth the pain? Most bottoms only feel some pain in the beginning but get used to it.

3. How long does gay sex last? That depends on the participants and on what they like to do. If you include foreplay -- making love [kissing and hugging] leading up to the actual sex act -- it can take hours. Most sex acts -- gay or straight -- take a few minutes up to about half an hour.

4. Does gay sex require condoms? Is it more pleasurable without condoms? All sex, gay or straight, requires condoms these days to protect against HIV infection and other sexually-transmitted diseases. Some men feel it is more pleasurable to engage in sex without a condom, but anyone who "barebacks" today [going without a condom] is being very foolish, especially if they are a bottom. Do not let anyone penetrate you if they aren't wearing a condom. For more information on safe sex and risky sex go to the web site for the Gay Men's Health Crisis.

5. When bottoming, when the top cums inside the ass, is there any side effect?
There is no side effect as such, except that semen carries the HIV virus and therefore condoms should always be worn by the top. [While it is rarer for tops to contract HIV through anal intercourse, there have been cases of this happening.]

6. When rimming, can the tongue really touch the prostate? Actually, how far is the prostate from our entrance? Uh, this is a little technical and while require further research, LOL.

7. Is it true that cumming from sex is more intense than cumming from jerking off? Is it true that when you cum while having sex, the cum is more than while jerking off? An orgasm during sex with another person always seems to have more intensity since you're presumably attracted to the person you're with and getting physical with someone always adds an extra-sexual dimension that you don't get when you're jerking off by yourself. However, this doesn't mean that you ejaculate more sperm. If depends on how long it's been since you last had an orgasm.

8. After having sex, can the guys immediately have the second round? I ask this because after jerking off, my sexual desire instantly disappears; thinking about sex makes me feel disgusted for a while. Some men can immediately have a second round; others can't. It depends on how excited they are. Sexual desire often fades after having an orgasm, but you shouldn't feel "disgusted." Sex isn't disgusting, gay or otherwise, though it may have elements to it that are less appealing than others.

9. While having double penetration, is it true that the pleasure that the bottom receive becomes double? Is it true that the pain is unbearable? If you're talking about two dicks, I wouldn't recommend it. Or fist-fucking, for that matter.

10. Can the bottom cum without any physical stimulation to the cock? Sometimes if a man is very aroused and excited he can cum without his penis being stimulated.

Thanks in advance :)

Your welcome. Hope this helps.

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