Thursday, May 20, 2010

No "Cure" -- And No Need to Suffer

Dear sir: Myself , I am suffering from above subject problem [homosexuality]; is possible to cure this problem?I heard some information. Through yoga is possible to cure; please suggest me sir. Anon.

First of all, homosexuality is not a disease so it cannot be "cured." Second of all, homosexuality is only a "problem" if a gay person can't accept his sexuality.

Instead of a "cure," people who are gay and who are uncomfortable with their sexuality should seek self-acceptance instead of self-hatred. A gay or gay-friendly therapist could certainly help, or at the very least counselors in the gay/LGBT center of your city, if there is one.

Although there are groups out there that claim they can "cure" homosexuality, this is a complete lie. Responsible therapists, sexologists, and members of the psychiatric community are united that not only is it impossible to convert people who are homosexual to heterosexuality, but that a great deal of psychological damage can be done just by trying. People who claim to be "ex-gays" are still gay, they simply [try to] abstain from homosexual activity or relationships. Most of these people eventually "succumb" and enter into gay relationships again, because that is what is natural to them. [You can read much more about the ex-gay movement here.]

And no, yoga is no help at all.

One can be a perfectly happy and fulfilled individual being gay. It is not a disease, a sin, or anything terrible or unnatural. There are millions of Out and Proud Gay people living happy and productive lives.

No one needs to "suffer" for being gay. As we used to say in the days of the Gay Activists Alliance, 99% of gay liberation is in the head. Once you realize that there's nothing wrong in being gay and feel better about yourself, the rest is easy.

Please stay in touch if you have any other questions.

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