Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Was Michael Jackson a Transsexual?

Was Michael Jackson transsexual? Anon.

Well it might explain a lot if he was. According to biographers, new evidence is coming out that he engaged in sexual relationships with men, so it is quite possible that Jackson was homosexual. If he ever spoke to anyone in regards to realignment surgery -- in other words, about getting a sex change -- that may eventually come out. Until then, there's no way to know for certain. Jackson's increasing "feminization" may have been part theatrical, part stereotypically gay, part glamour -- or it may have been that he genuinely felt he was a woman in a man's body. So Jackson may well have been an unacknowledged transsexual. If he was gay, he was certainly not out of the closet, and was probably plagued with issues of self-hatred. I doubt if he would have felt much better about himself if he were transsexual. All of his surgeries and cosmetic changes (and cosmetics) made him kind of edgy, but apparently he was only willing to go so far. Raised in an environment where people just didn't talk about such subjects as homosexuality [romantic and physical attraction towards your own sex] and transsexualism [being a different gender than the one you were biologically born into], Jackson was probably quite confused.

In any case, it is doubtful that (especially during his most successful periods) he would have come out as either gay or transsexual for fear that he would lose his fan base.

Had he lived, who knows how he might have identified in the future?


Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ, I'm the anonymous poster who just replied to the very old blog post about straight men working in gay bars - and now this?

You're actually suggesting that because of his eccentricities that Michael Jackson may have been an unaccounted for transsexual or homosexual?

WHAT THE HELL. Because of his "feminization" (as you call it) over the years, that means he was a closeted homosexual that slept with men?

I'm too irritated and annoyed by this post beyond words to even get into how disgusting it is to judge someone with such blatant stereotyping.

Bill Samuels said...

Okay, you've got some issue with me or something and it has nothing the hell to do with Michael Jackson. Your level of anger, your wild [deliberate?]misinterpetation of what I've written, your complete disregard for the fact that I'm ALWAYS going on about the diversity of the gay community and how important it is to avoid stereotyping ... apparently you've never read this blog before. If you'd looked over my other posts you'd have seen how much I hate stereotyping, and understood that that was not what I was doing here, but then you're more interested in screeching than in learning.

Or you just don't read before you react, blasting out while hiding behind your anonymity.

As I said in the post, new biographies of Jackson with interviews with his male lovers are saying that he is gay, not me [and what would be WRONG with it, if he was?] I also said that the "femininization" I refer to could be indicative of many different factors [but, gee, there are just a few feminine gay men, even if they're in the minority, aren't there? That's not exactly stereotyping]. And again, if Jackson were transsexual, what would be WRONG with that?

[For heavens sake I'm a gay activist and a comparatively butch gay man. I'm well aware that most gay men are not effeminate and that femininity is not always an indicator of homosexuality. But sometimes ....?]

Again, your comment shows a lack of thought, just an emotional outrage without any serious deliberation.

What the fuck are you so angry about? [Lord save us -- another self-hating homo on the rampage?]

Mr. Anonymnous, you may have issues with being gay; I don't.

I won't post any more of your comments. You're a nut!

fern said...

I believe he was transgendered. I read on another forum that a California doctor who specializes in gender reassignment surgery spoke out about seeing Michael prior to his death about undergoing the process. Janet Jackson has also recently produced a documentary on transgender people, perhaps as an acknowledgement of what her brother went through.

Bill Samuels said...

I appreciate this information. Thanks for your comments! Bill

QueenOfTheDamned said...

I have good suspicions that MJ was a transsexual and the proof of his gender dysphoria might well be part of his history surrounding him. The fact is there are many very important and powerful people who would if they found out MJ was in fact a transsexual; attempt to stop his transition at all cost. MJ was the most popular rock performer of all time whole wheeled powerful impressions over children worldwide. The effect of him becoming a woman would have sent shockwaves through society all around the world basically legitimizing transsexuality.

MJ, was not emulating typical and obvious androgyny as other rock performers, such as David Bowie, Mick Jagger. MJ’s transformation was very real, permanently and increasingly showing signs subtly like one who was slowing transitioning. This realization would most likely be the motive for the child molestation scandals in his life, and possible motive for murder.

Bill Samuels said...

You make some very good, astute points, and have probably hit the nail on the head. Thanks for your comments.