Saturday, May 14, 2011


Dear LGBTT Friend,

We are a LGBTT social network based in Turkey broadcasting to Middle East. Yet we are not a massive site, we serve the gay population in this region with various sections such as gay news, forum, chat and radio broadcasting. We have more than 200.000 members.

Our site has been shut down by the Turkish Telecommunication Directorate (TIB) recently. Sites with LGBTT content are being shut down one by one.

Our site can not be reached from many places in Turkey anymore. Please help us make ourselves heard and reach more people. Our site does not contain any spam or badware. View

Numerous sites supported us on this by giving links and making news. A few of them are below:

We are asking you to give links to at your site and make news of this matter.

I'm happy to post your information and wish you good luck with these sites. Let's hope someday that the world-wide oppression of LGBT people, which is worse in some countries than others, will finally be ended.

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