Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gay Men and Disco?

Why are all gay men into disco regardless of age? Anon.

LOL, do you mean the age of the gay man or the age of the disco record?

To my knowledge -- which is considerable -- most gay men these days are not into disco. Even back in the days when disco was popular, not every gay man was into disco. Just like not every gay man is into opera or into show tunes. Some like jazz, rap, big bands, what-have-you. Some gay guys don't care for music at all.

I've no doubt there are gay men today who fondly remember the disco era -- and perhaps their youth -- and still enjoy listening to their collection of disco records now and then.

Okay, when the Tramps [or was it Trammps?] came out with their record Where the Happy People Go -- I believe that was one of the first big disco hits, but don't quote me -- it was widely assumed that "Happy" meant Gay, but it could also have been Happy meaning Happy. My recollection is that plenty of straight people went to discos back in the day.

I'm old enough to remember "Body Contact Contract" and Donna Summer's "Try Me." [Of course I was just a wee babe at the time! I was always the cutest little kid at the disco!]


dj Buddy Beaverhausen said...

I'm wondering if what's being asked here is: do gay men love classic disco? Or, does it simply mean, do gay men love dance music? And, of course, while not every gay man in the world loves dance music, it's like asking do gay men love Bette Davis movies? Mmmm, generally true, I'd say.

Bill Samuels said...

I think the "arts and culture" gays tend to get a kick out of Davis and the other icons, while to the the bear crowd she's just a name, someone they may be aware of but not that interested in.

I wonder if we went into a bar catering to twenty something gay men if many of them wouldn't know who she was? Yikes! The younger generation has its own icons. Time marches on!