Sunday, April 27, 2008

Slim Friend is a Pain in the Butt

I have a friend who recently lost quite a bit of weight and I admit he looks great. He gets hit on more and is apparently getting laid a lot. The problem is he's become kind of haughty and is always talking about his exercise routine and chiding people for eating certain foods and has become just a little obnoxious about it all. I'm happy for him -- but I'm also happy the way I am even if I could stand to lose a few pounds. What do I do to let him know how annoying he's become? John in Chicago.

Tell him! It's understandable that he's proud of his new appearance and is happy that people find him attractive, but there's nothing worse than a newly slim person who talks about it endlessly and tells others to watch their weight. (Okay, there are worse things, but back to the subject.) It's like going out with someone who's stopped drinking and having them count your drinks. You don't need somebody else counting your calories for you. Tell this friend that you're happy he feels good about himself but that you also feel good about yourself, and you'll eat what you damn well please. Keep it friendly, but be firm. Hopefully he'll get the hint, and cut it out. When he's more used to his new appearance he may also stop harping about it.

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