Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Love at First Wink

Dear Dr. Bill, My fiance and I are fighting for marriage equality. We created a website, LoveAtFirstWink.com (I winked on Match.com and we fell in love!), that's filled with resources, articles, organizations, and ways to fight for marriage equality and support the freedom to marry. It also includes our stories and photos so we can put a real couple to the face of marriage equality, not just judges and politicians. Our current initiative is to campaign to become the first same-sex couple to win a national wedding contest. The contest we've entered is the Crate&Barrel Ultimate Wedding. Currently we are the #1 LGBT couple and we stand in 2nd place out of 7,000+ entries. GLAAD has written about us: http://bit.ly/dEajV9 Freedom To Marry has too: http://bit.ly/ey6VDw We are contacting you for your support and endorsement. We'd like to see if there is a way we can work together to promote our cause. Please visit our website http://www.loveatfirstwink.com or go directly to our entry: http://www.loveatfirstwink.com/vote This won’t work without your help. We need votes to get the media attention marriage equality deserves. Sincerely, Robbie & Allen Founders www.LoveAtFirstWink.com Hey, guys. You've got my vote! And my support and endorsement. Gay couples should be able to marry in every state of the union and get all the benefits of marriage that straight couples enjoy [domestic partnership is not enough]. Readers, please check out their web site. Bill

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