Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sleepytime Oral Sex

I always read your blog and have once before asked you a question. . . which by the way was very helpful. [Thank you -- Bill]. Here's my new question for you:

For the past two years now I have been seeing a guy that I am very much in love with. Our relationship is going great and our sex life is well; since meeting him I feel like I am discovering sex for the first time. (I was married before to a woman for ten years; she was a great woman but sex never thrilled me). Anyway the other day I was talking to a friend of mine (he is gay also) and the topic came around to sex. I mentioned that we have the hot and heavy times but then we also have times where I just go down on him and I have literally spent 3-4 hours
[wow!] just snuggled between his legs giving him oral pleasure. There have been times we both get so relaxed we have fallen asleep. Even at times I have woken up and his penis is in my mouth so I just continue. He enjoys this. I enjoy it. These times are very fulfilling to us. My friend was shocked saying that it was weird that I would do this. I thought he was actually kidding me but the conversation ended quickly with him leaving angry. I guess what I am wondering is . . . Is what I do with my partner so uncommon among gay couples? Or is this friend just way out there. It's not like this is all we do. We have the quickies and the bang sessions it's just these other times just seem so nice and relaxed. Is gay sex just meant to be focused on one thing and it's over? Your thought please. T.

Falling asleep during sex certainly isn't uncommon, especially if one or both partners is exhausted, up way past their bedtime, or -- in some cases -- has been partying a little too much. Or simply because, as you put it, they're very relaxed and comfortable. Guys often fall asleep because they've had too much to drink, but this isn't always the case. And in the situation you describe it's certainly not uncommon that two lovers who are very comfortable with each other might fall asleep in each other's arms, or even in the middle of some oral sex.

If your lover isn't angry that you fall asleep [I can imagine some guys getting insulted, saying that sex with them must bore you if you go to sleep], then I don't understand why your friend is ticked off, especially as you've told him that you have the usual hot sessions where both you and your guy are wide awake. It's perfectly acceptable for a gay sex session to consist primarily or exclusively of one guy giving head to the other. I mean, if both men are enjoying it, what's the problem?

I think your friend's problem is that he has a limited notion of what constitutes good sex. For him, he may be bored in the bedroom unless there's anal interplay or something he finds more exciting. Why he gets angry is perplexing. Some people want you to agree absolutely with them or they get ticked off.

Or maybe he's just upset that your boyfriend has a lover who will suck his dick for four hours and he doesn't!

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