Sunday, February 22, 2009

Problem with Penis Size

Don't laugh, but I'm a young gay man whose problem is an abnormally small penis. I am very self-conscious about it, especially since a great deal of value seems to be placed upon dick size. It has inhibited me a great deal in dating, and when I do date I find that most guys don't want to see me again. I have started being upfront about it with people I meet, and I can tell that they're losing interest, even if they don't come right out and say so. I know you can be blunt, Dr. Bill, but this has caused me a lot of distress so please don't make fun of me. Anon.

Jeez, I admit I can pretty irreverent -- and very blunt -- at times but I'm not such a mean person that I'd make fun of you. Instead I'll tell you a true story:

A few years ago I was very infatuated with a guy who, unfortunately, did not return my feelings. Somebody told me that I should forget about him anyway because they'd heard he was a "princess tinymeat," a guy with a small penis. You know what? I couldn't have cared less. Not every gay man is a "size king" who measures a man by his penis size. If I had been lucky enough to have this guy care for me the way I cared for him, it wouldn't have made the slightest difference to me how big or small his penis was. I believe most gay men feel the same way.

Now let's talk about "abnormally small." The average penis is between 4 to 6 inches in length when erect -- and that's all. Sure there are porn stars and other guys with huge cocks, but most men are not "hung like a horse." It can make some guys feel inadequate if their partner has a bigger penis, but chances are the other guy won't think less of you and if he does, he's a jerk.

If your penis is smaller than average, it is still not "abnormal" -- there are plenty of other guys in the same boat. I don't know if it's always a wise idea to be upfront about your penis size with a perfect stranger, as he may think your bringing it up in the first place is a little off-putting. I don't know if you're into one-night-stands or if you prefer dating (with sex occurring somewhere along the line) but a man who develops romantic feelings for you may not necessarily be turned off by your situation. Yes, some men (and women) like really big dicks, sometimes for their sheer aesthetic value, but even a guy who prefers massive schlongs may overlook this alleged "flaw" if he cares enough about you and your other attributes.

If a lover finds that your penis isn't large enough to provide enough anal stimulation, you could always depend upon sex toys, rubber dildos and the like, for added stimulus.

I do not know much about the assorted appliances and formulas that are being sold on the Internet and late-night TV to increase penis size, but there's certainly a lot of them out there. Perhaps some men who have a similar "problem" and have tried various methods to increase penis size could post their experiences and recommendations in the comments section.

All anonymous, of course.


Anonymous said...

Anon- I fell in love with a great guy who had a small member. It really did not matter to me. He broke up with me and his reason was he could not satisfy me. I was heart broken. Since I am a top and he was a bottom his size did not matter to me. Here is my advise. Become a power bottom. Develop a killer body, exude confidence, and seek only the hottest tops. Sex is all in the mind.

Bill Samuels said...

Thank you for your very interesting comments! Dr. Bill

john said...

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Bill Samuels said...

Thank you very much. And thanks for your comments.